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About me

My name is Julian Kern - I'm a web designer and developer.

The internet interested me quite early already. One could say I've been there right from the beginning. At first obviously just as a user, but pretty quickly with my own ideas. It all started with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive as my first tools, but that wasn't enough. A simple text editor - without features like syntax highlighting and autocompletition - was my first real tool. I tried a lot of different technologies back then - Flash, Java-Applets and PHP on the backend.

Flash and Java was outdated pretty fast. Today both isn't used anymore - or shouldn't be. Technoligies evolved fast, and the internet became my job with a little detour. I'm a full time software devloper since 2011 now, and started my own side business for web design and devlopment in 2013. Between october 2014 and august 2017 I worked for the biggest owner controlled e-commerce agency of Germany - diconium digital dolutions GmbH - in Berlin. During that job, I worked amongst other things as the UI lead developer for the redesign of the Mercedes Benz car configurator.

Since september 2017 I am now working for Thomann in Berlin. Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments as well as light and sound equipment worldwide, thomann having about 10m customers in 120 countries and 80.000 listed products.

With my own business a dream came true in 2013, to finally develop projects from A to Z - with all the new and fancy technologies the web has to offer. Starting from static pages with just HTML and CSS, up to extensive web applications with thousands of lines of JavaScript code.

I'm now actively developing websites for more than ten years, and have lots of diverse experiences.

Did I arouse your interest? Get in touch!



The beginnig of every good website. The more accurate we're developing the draft together, the better the result. We start - not very digital - with a simple paper sketch to get a good idea what you want and need. In this phase, we decide also about the master plan for the website - followed by first digital outlines.


The final design is created from our sketches and outlines by working from a rough layout through the details. We're using first placeholder, until final graphics and contents are done. The design will be a perfect match for your corporate identity - or we create a new one together.


We're implementing with the newest technologies - you don't have any webspace? We got your back. For a safe and secure data transfer, a special portal is also available. All servers are located in Munich, Germany an are therefore subject of the strict german privacy laws.


I worked on several different small and larger projects for customers since 2014, as well as on articles and open source projects. This is a small overview:

#Artcile #Blog #Developer
Dev-Blog Series
Dev-Blog Series

Dev-Blog Series 11/2017

I had the wish to write more for quite a while. So I recently started a blog series about the stuff I'm currently working on, and how I'm doing it.

Series on Medium
#Grid #SASS #Mixin #CSS #OpenSource
V-Grid SASS Module
V-Grid SASS Module

V-Grid SASS Module 09/2017

A very flexible and easy to configure grid system based on SASS, with a "magic" mediaquery mixin.

Code on GitHub
#SASS #Mixin #CSS #OpenSource
Loading Skeleton Mixin
Loading Skeleton Mixin

Loading Skeleton SASS Mixin 03/2017

I implemented the loading method called "loading skeleton", known from facebook, in pure CSS without any additional HTML and with a SASS mixin.

Code and example at Codepen
#StaticSite #Responsive #Performance 2017 2017 02/2017

This website. Special attention was paid to the performance - this page loads usually in under two seconds, mostly even in under one second, so that it really fast, even on mobile devices.

#opensource #iOS #NodeJS #RaspberryPi #SmartHome
raspi-heater on iOS HomeKit
raspi-heater on iOS HomeKit

raspi-heater 11/2016

A small opensource project for my own heater and my first experience with the so called "internet of things" - based on the miniature computer "RaspberryPi". Depending on the time of day and if someone’s at home, the temperature is changed up or down

raspi-heater auf GitHub
#CustomerCustomerProject #WordPress
HFP Innovationsberatung
HFP Innovationsberatung 06/2016

A website based on Wordpress was the best solution to allow the company to change the content on their own. Search engine optimisations in the code and via plugin, and as a preparation for the SEO agency that was hired afterwards for the content.

Zur Webseite
#Blog #SASS #BestPractice
Blog post about SASS
Blog post about SASS

Blog post about SASS 01/2016

I had a few thoughts about best practices for SASS code. This article is about why it’s better to use the mixin function, instead of the extend function.

#CustomerProject #StaticSite #Bootstrap
Fliesen Löscher
Fliesen Löscher 11/2015

"Fliesen Löscher GmbH" came to me with the need for a new and up to date website, which is supposed to be easily extendable. The basis for this site was a customised version of Twitter Bootstrap. The project includes a "Grunt" build task to build the site and convert and optimise content and images.

Zur Webseite
#AngularJS #Responsive
Melody-Photography 04/2014

Jessica Melody Paefgen is a good friend of mine and photographer. It was pretty clear, that I’d be the one to build her first website. The result was a simple, angularJS based and responsive website

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#CustomerProject #StaticSite #Bootstrap #Responsive #jQuery
Orthopädie Adelmann
Orthopädie Adelmann 02/2014

A local orthopaedics needed a new website - from me. This one was built with a customised Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery. A beautiful responsive static website, because the content isn’t changed very often.

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Julian Kern
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10249 Berlin
Call me: +49 30 75650506
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